Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost: 20 Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you: and, lo, I am with you alway, even unto the end of the world. Amen.

Matt 28:19-20 (KJV)



Bebo Norman

For a guy with such an unusual name, Bebo Norman is a pretty relatable guy. And that ability to connect with a wide range of listeners through the power of story is what eventually kickstarted the Georgia native’s career as a singer/songwriter. Getting his start by playing Young Life camps and touring with fellow Christian artist Caedmon’s Call, Bebo was an independent artist before being an independent artist was considered cool. In fact, he often sold his first album, The Fabric of Verse, out of the trunk of his car or at local coffeehouses where he played acoustic sets.

After criss-crossing the U.S. on his own terms and selling 50,000 of his albums independently, Bebo eventually signed a record deal and as a result, Ten Thousand Days was released in 1999. Recorded in the tradition of more folky artists like James Taylor and David Wilcox, Bebo’s rambling storytelling was almost as beloved as the songs themselves. While the songs from his first two albums, the aforementioned Ten Thousand Days and Big Blue Sky (2001), garnered some radio airplay, Bebo’s real breakthrough came with 2002’s Myself When I Am Real. Featuring hit singles “Great Light of the World” and “Falling Down,” the album earned him multiple Dove Award nominations.

Always staying on the pulse of what’s being talked about in modern culture, Bebo’s latest self-titled album, featured “Britney,” a collective apology for the unique struggles girls face in today’s world inspired by pop star Britney Spears. “'Britney’ is a song about what our culture says and does to young women these days. It’s about the lies we tell them about fame and money and what’s beautiful and what will give them life,” Bebo explains. “Ultimately, it’s an apology for those lies. But more than that, it’s an invitation. An invitation to the truth about a God who is bigger than the pain this world so often leaves them in.” Bebo Norman released Ocean, in September 2010, with songs that were co-written with other Christian artists Brandon Heath and Laura Story.

The singer recently released his eighth studio album, Lights of Distant Cities (October 22, 2012), which features his new song "Broken." Norman admits that writing hopeful songs on Lights of Distant Cities, was a constant struggle,“The last few years have been pretty intense - a long, slow progression, or digression, into a spiritual desert,” Norman says, in regards to the process of writing songs in the dark of the desert. “I struggled to write anything hopeful. But I wanted to be true to the season I was in, so I simply wrote about the hopelessness I was experiencing.” He continues, “My tendency is to allow the darkness to override the hope I have in Christ. A few months prior to recording I experienced an intense season of recovery and renewal, I finished nearly all of the songs after the recovery process. So you have desperation and recovery – darkness and light – represented within the same song.”













  Name Artist Genre Released  
Ocean Bebo Norman 09/24/10 Album Link
Great Light of the World: T
T he Best of Bebo Norman
Bebo Norman 09/25/07 Album Link
(From the Realms of Glory)
[Extended Edition]
Bebo Norman 11/12/10 Album Link
Between the Dreaming and the Coming True Bebo Norman 09/19/06 Album Link
Lights of Distant Cities Bebo Norman 10/19/12 Album Link
Bebo Norman Bebo Norman 09/16/08 Album Link
Ten Thousand Days Bebo Norman 06/01/92 Album Link
Try Bebo Norman 08/24/04 Album Link
Joy Allen Levi, Bebo Norman & Ed Cash 10/22/97 Album Link
Myself When I Am Real Bebo Norman 03/07/00 Album Link
Big Blue Sky Bebo Norman 05/15/01 Album Link
Christmas... from the Realms of Glory Bebo Norman 10/02/07 Album Link
Yes I Will - Single Bebo Norman & Joy Williams 02/17/04 Album Link
Disappear - Single Bebo Norman 07/14/04 Album Link
Ultimate Tracks: I Will Lift My Eyes
(As Made Popular By Bebo Norman)
[Performance Track]
Ultimate Tracks 11/21/06 Album Link
Britney - Single Bebo Norman 07/29/08 Album Link
Wedding Tracks: A Page Is Turned
(As Made Popular By Bebo Norman)
[Performance Track] - EP
Various Artists 05/09/06 Album Link
WOW Worship (Red) Various Artists 03/09/04 Album Link
Facing the Giants
(Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Various Artists 10/03/06 Album Link
O Come All Ye Faithful Various Artists 09/24/10 Album Link
Ultimate Tracks: Great Light of the World
(As Made Popular by Bebo Norman)
[Performance Track]
Ultimate Tracks 07/04/06 Album Link
Pure Hits Various Artists 02/08/05 Album Link
Premiere Performance Plus:
Pull Me Out - EP
Bebo Norman 09/08/09 Album Link