Name Author Category Published  
Christianity's Dangerous Idea Alister Mcgrath Christianity 10/13/09 Book Link
Contending With Christianity's Critics Paul Copan & William Lane Craig Religion & Spirituality 11/10/11 Book Link
Christianís Secret of a Happy Life, complete and unabridged Hannah Whitall Smith Christianity 12/01/12 Book Link
Christianity's Family Tree Participant's Guide Adam Hamilton Christianity 09/01/10 Book Link
The Beliefnet Guide to Gnosticism and Other Vanished Christianities Richard Valantasis Christianity 02/21/06 Book Link
Christian-Based 'Fireproof' has Lessons for Everyone (Daily Break) The Virginian Pilot Reference 09/26/08 Book Link
7 Truths That Changed the World Kenneth Samples Religion & Spirituality 05/01/12 Book Link
Christianity's Most Dangerous Idea Kenneth Richard Samples Religion & Spirituality 05/01/13 Book Link
Christianity's Source Harry L Tabony Christianity 12/13/07 Book Link
Savior or Destroyer? Daniel D. Spruill History 07/19/06 Book Link
De veritate religionis Christianae. French Hugo Grotius Fiction & Literature 01/01/45 Book Link
A Comparison Between the Christian and Confucian Major Doctrines: A Survey/ la Comparaison de Doctrines Majeures Christianistes Et Confuscianistes: Une Enquete. Canadian Social Science Social Science 12/01/07 Book Link
No Caller ID for the Soul: Demonization, Charisms, And the Unstable Subject of Protestant Language Ideology (Beyond LOGOS: EXTENSIONS OF THE LANGUAGE IDEOLOGY PARADIGM IN THE STUDY OF GLOBAL Christianities) (Vineyard Christian Fellowship) (Report) Anthropological Quarterly Social Science 06/22/11 Book Link
Christianity's Worst Problem Is the "holy Bible" Orv Education 03/07/05 Book Link
Popular Music on Christianity in the United States: Christianity's Failure to Love. Journal of Religion and Popular Culture Religion & Spirituality 03/22/05 Book Link
The Rape of the Turin Shroud William Meacham Christianity 06/05/11 Book Link
Athenae Christianae. August Mommsen Europe 08/30/12 Book Link
Return to the Fountainhead of the Faith Shelley Wood Gauld Religion & Spirituality 04/17/12 Book Link
Israelite Genealogies and Christian Commitment: The Limits of Language Ideologies in Guhu-Samane Christianity (Beyond LOGOS: EXTENSIONS OF THE LANGUAGE IDEOLOGY PARADIGM IN THE STUDY OF GLOBAL Christianity(-Ies)) (Report) Anthropological Quarterly Social Science 06/22/11 Book Link
Sketchbook 001 Cor Steenstra & Christiana Graphic Novels 01/18/13 Book Link
The Missing Gospels Darrell Bock Religion & Spirituality 08/08/06 Book Link
Faith Under Fire Participant's Guide Lee Strobel & Garry Poole Christianity 05/15/13 Book Link
Untaught And Unlearned Knowledge Fred Womack Christianity 02/04/02 Book Link
The First Hundred Years Ad 1-100 Daniel Walker Religion & Spirituality 09/11/01 Book Link
Seeing Judaism Anew Mary C. Boys Religion & Spirituality 03/22/05 Book Link