Name Author Category Published  
Puzzle of the Heart Jennifer Leeland Contemporary 04/05/13 Book Link
Marked for Pleasure Jennifer Leeland Erotica 11/02/09 Book Link
Marked for Desire Jennifer Leeland Erotica 06/29/10 Book Link
Marked for Danger Jennifer Leeland Erotica 11/08/11 Book Link
Marked for Surrender Jennifer Leeland Erotica 12/20/11 Book Link
Commanded to Dream Jennifer Leeland Fantasy, Futuristic & Ghost 09/26/11 Book Link
Commanded to Yield Jennifer Leeland Suspense 09/06/10 Book Link
Regaining Command Jennifer Leeland Suspense 11/10/08 Book Link
Bound Among the Stars Jennifer Leeland & MiMa Fantasy, Futuristic & Ghost 12/20/10 Book Link
Resisting Command Jennifer Leeland Erotica 05/19/07 Book Link
Wolf of Arundale Hall Jennifer Leeland Erotica 07/25/12 Book Link
Taking Command Jennifer Leeland Erotica 01/14/08 Book Link
Dark Revenge Jennifer Leeland Erotica 01/27/12 Book Link
The Christmas She Rules Jennifer Leeland Contemporary 12/01/09 Book Link
A Thousand Small Sparrows Jeff Leeland & Marcus Brotherton Christianity 08/21/07 Book Link
Neverlast Leeland Lake Fiction & Literature 01/10/07 Book Link
Living In a White World and the Struggle to Come Black Leelan Fletcher Social Science 05/21/04 Book Link
Lynn Jerry v. Leelanau Marine Inc Court of Appeals of Michigan Law 12/19/94 Book Link
Deep Inside Me: A Revelation Of Love Latoya Lee-Lati Poetry 01/07/13 Book Link