Martin Luther King, Jr.


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  Name Author Category Published  
Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, 1995, Memorial Issue Various Authors Biographies & Memoirs 03/01/12 Book Link
Who Was Martin Luther King, Jr.? Bonnie Bader Children's Nonfiction 12/27/07 Book Link
The Autobiography of Martin Luther King, Jr. Clayborne Carson Biographies & Memoirs 01/01/01 Book Link
Reading Comprehension for 5th Grade - Martin Luther King Jr. Theme Courseware Solutions Inc Children & Teens 12/17/12 Book Link
Martin Luther King, Jr. Marshall Frady Biographies & Memoirs 12/27/05 Book Link
Revolutionary Authors Langston Hughes, Kate Chopin & Martin Luther King, Jr. Poetry 08/10/12 Book Link
Martin Luther King Jr. Day Margaret McNamara & Mike Gordon Children & Teens 12/26/07 Book Link
Martin Luther King, Jr., on Leadership Donald T. Phillips Management & Leadership 01/01/01 Book Link
National Geographic Readers: Martin Luther King, Jr. Kitson Jazynka Children's Nonfiction 12/26/12 Book Link
Meet Martin Luther King, Jr. James T. de Kay Children's Nonfiction 12/28/93 Book Link
Martin Luther King Jr. David Colbert Children's Nonfiction 06/02/09 Book Link
Great Speeches By African Americans James Daley Social Science 03/06/12 Book Link
DK Readers: Free At Last: The Story of Martin Luther King, Jr. (Enhanced Edition) Angela Bull Children's Nonfiction 02/02/13 Book Link
A Call to Conscience Clayborne Carson & Kris Shepard Politics & Current Events 01/15/01 Book Link
Faces of the Civil Rights Movement: The Lives and Legacies of Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X Charles River Editors Biographies & Memoirs 08/24/12 Book Link
Why We Can't Wait Martin Luther King, Jr. Social Science 01/11/11 Book Link
Martin Luther King Jr. on Black Power and White Liberals Be Scofield Americas 06/16/12 Book Link
Where Do We Go from Here Martin Luther King, Jr., Coretta Scott King & Vincent Harding Social Science 01/01/10 Book Link
A Knock at Midnight Clayborne Carson & Peter Holloran Religion & Spirituality 01/15/01 Book Link
Martin Luther King Clevin M. Brailsford Poetry 04/27/11 Book Link
Burial for a King Rebecca Burns United States 01/04/11 Book Link
Martin Luther King Richard Deats Biographies & Memoirs 03/01/08 Book Link
Going Down Jericho Road: The Memphis Strike, Martin Luther King's Last Campaign Michael K. Honey United States 02/07/11 Book Link
The Autobiography of Martin Luther King, Jr Study Guide Education 11/30/11 Book Link
I Have a Dream Martin Luther King, Jr. & Kadir Nelson Children's Nonfiction 10/09/12 Book Link