Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost: 20 Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you: and, lo, I am with you alway, even unto the end of the world. Amen.

Matt 28:19-20 (KJV)



Laura Kaczor

Most 10-year-olds can’t fathom the physical and emotional impact of a life-threatening disease like cancer. Yet, for 10-year-old Laura Kaczor (pronounced kuh-ZURE), she used the cancer diagnosis of a close friend and neighbor to inspire her very first song. Her neighbor was touched by the gift—a cassette tape dubbed on her karaoke machine. The song struck a chord, the lyric matching her friend’s fervent prayers. For Laura, it was a turning point and an affirmation of her gift as a budding songwriter. 
“That’s where I first saw the impact that songs could have on people, that they could change someone’s life,” remembers Kaczor. It’s this same transcendent influence of music that led the singer/songwriter to her true calling in music and ministry today. Growing up in Pennsylvania, Kaczor attended Creation Festival and personally experienced the transformative power of Christian music for the first time. “Then and there, I decided that I wanted any and all of my musical pursuits to be for the Lord,” she shares. 
Kaczor set out to become an artist who creates music that inspires, encourages and uplifts—the same things that artists like Caedmon’s Call, Bebo Norman and Andrew Peterson provided for her. The music of Sara Groves also became a prevailing soundtrack for Kaczor’s life. “Whatever I was going through, her music ministered to me. It helped set a vision for my life,” she says. “That’s not Sara doing that. I mean, it’s her talent, but it’s the Lord using her songs; and that’s really what I want.”
Her music is already proving to resonate with listeners as her song “Alive in You” peaked at No. 17 on the Billboard charts—an unheard of feat for an independent artist. The song is found on Kaczor’s third studio album, Love Enough (LifeThirst/IE/Universal MCG), produced by Don Koch (Newsong, 4Him, Phillips, Craig & Dean). Her musical discography reveals a diverse line-up with everything from pop to worship to Americana (courtesy of her second album, produced by John Carter Cash). While her versatility is rare, Love Enough finds Kaczor comfortable in her own skin as a pop songstress.
“I really wanted the crux of the album to be understanding grace and the heart of God,” she says. “What does He want us to know about His nature? We wanted the album to communicate that—for the unbeliever to understand more about who God really is, and for the believer to just be encouraged.”
While she calls songwriting therapeutic, she recalls that lately she’s been ascertaining inspiration from The Message—loving the poetry and cadence of the paraphrase translation. In addition to drawing from a well of Scripture, she says the excess is interwoven with life experience.
Although she has a single climbing the charts; three albums with well-known producers at the helm; and co-writer bylines with the likes of Chad Cates, Brian White, Carl Cartee, and Don Koch, Kaczor’s entire career thus far has been built in an organic fashion. “There wasn’t a moment where I said I was going to be a Christian music singer and ‘xyz’ is what I have to do. It was just very much God leading one step at a time.”
Her obedience has led her to act upon her second passion—ministering to teenage girls through Lift Up U, a conference founded by Kaczor and her husband.  “I have a heart for young girls and understand their struggles,” she shares. “Whether it’s sexual sin, abuse or whatever they may feel shameful about, God wants to heal that place in their heart. When His grace is shining in the place where you’ve been hiding, it makes the ugliness beautiful.” Lift Up U is an offshoot of LifeThirst Conferences, weekend-long events for young people consisting of worship, evangelism and seminars, also founded by the couple. 
As the originator of these events, it’s evident Kaczor’s music is a vehicle for ministry. “In order for artists to have longevity; it needs to be about more than the music and if it’s not about the ministry, then it will be a flash in the pan,” says Kaczor. “But if it’s about ministry, there’s always work to be done.”
Kaczor is clear about her perspective on her career. “It’s never been about money; it’s never been about fame. It’s really only about using this ability to bring people to the Lord. That’s pretty much it, because everything else is just a lie—if you’re using your platform to gain notoriety—it’s just such a trap.”
While the young newlywed is busy balancing music and ministry pursuits, it’s the stories, like those found on her Facebook page, that inspire her to continue on the path laid before her. “When people write notes like, ‘I just listened to your song, and it encouraged me through one of my darkest moments,’ it’s worth it all at that point—all the blood, sweat and tears and the frustrations and anxieties,” she says.
Whether through pop music or connecting with teen girls, Kaczor wants to be someone’s Sara Groves. “Hopefully, the Holy Spirit speaks through the music and just reaches people right where they are. Because there have been artists in my life who have absolutely done that for me.”














  Name Artist Genre Released  
Love Enough Laura Kaczor 04/13/10 Album Link
Wake Me Up Laura Kaczor 04/04/06 Album Link