About Us

Blessed of God Ministries was formed November 12, 2001 in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, it is currently made up of three divisions:

  • Blessed of God Ministries (BOGM Corporation) - www.blessedofGod.org
  • BOGM Network (Technology & Business Consulting) - www.bogmnetwork.org
  • Planting Steps Inc. - www.plantingsteps.org


Blessed of God Ministries is a non-profit corporation focused on spreading the Gospel throughout the world. Today we are pushing the gospel into more than 182 countries around the world.

Our website was designed with a focus of building a place for the Christian Community to be able to learn, look at all types of Christian videos and obtain both free and fee based media. The ministry was designed to strengthen family values by uniting the family toward a shared set of goals that would bring multiple generations together. Involving every member of the family, we want the family to strengthen their Christian values and to solidify the family foundation for a strong, tight knit Christian family with strong and consistent family values.

BOGM Network is a corporation formed to support Blessed of God Ministries financially. The primary goal is to help other ministries to push the gospel throughout the world via web and email hosting. We design websites, help ministries to post their videos, books, CD’s, Christian/Gospel music and other media onto the web. Our secondary goal is to help ministries and other companies on a technical level. We have over 500,000 products such as computers, peripherals, TV’s, software and other technologies. We build technology infrastructures and provide support for organizations.

Planting Steps Inc. is a non-profit 501c3 corporation focused on community helps. We are planning to build our women center which will focus on single mothers, displaced homemakers, career seekers, victims of rape/sexual abuse and domestic violence and women in cultural transition. We are currently working with several non-profit organizations in support of ongoing programs. To find out more, visit PlantingSteps.org